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Every time I pay my utility bill, I send a check to a company that spends millions to make it harder for me to power my home with clean energy. I hate that. But where I live, we don’t have much of a choice.

Luckily, you do have a choice. There’s a new company in Pennsylvania that not only supports the causes that you and I care about, but can also sell you 100% clean electricity for about what you’re paying now.

Click here to learn more about making the switch to Ethical Electric now.

A lot of companies claim to be green. Or socially responsible. But Ethical Electric is the real deal.

The company was started by Tom Matzzie, a longtime CREDO ally and organizer who helped stop George Bush from privatizing Social Security and who fought to end the Iraq War.

Now he is dedicating his life to fighting dirty energy by making it easy for you to buy power that’s not just clean but also ethical. When you switch to Ethical Electric, you’ll be buying wind (or wind and solar) energy whenever you use electricity at home.

Nothing else will change. Power is delivered by your local utility. You get the same service over the same wires. And you pay about the same rate, sometimes even less.

But instead of relying on global-warming fossil fuels for your electricity, you’ll be fighting climate change and helping effect positive change in the world.

And just like CREDO, Ethical Electric donates 1% of your bill to progressive nonprofits that work hard for the causes you believe in—and never gives a penny to the right-wing politicians backed by other power companies.

To learn how you can join the clean power revolution,  follow this link to Ethical Electric click here now to go to

If you’ve ever wished there was an energy company as progressive as CREDO, this is it. As Bill McKibben, one of the fiercest climate advocates on the planet, put it:

“Breaking free from dirty energy is critical to stopping our planet from warming past the point of no return. Ethical Electric makes it easy to switch to clean wind and solar power—and their support of progressive causes is just as important to fighting climate change.”

Check out Ethical Electric and make the switch today.



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