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Got Old Reel To Reel Tapes & Masters that need to be restored and digitally archived?
We have all the vintage machines dating back to 1955 - Each machine is maintained and ready for your job.  Your masters will sound better than the originals.

We can transfer just about any kind of audio tape in our lab
1/4 inch 2 track 4 track 8 track 1/2 inch 8 track 16 track 1 inch 16 track  2 inch 16 track 24 track

If it needs to be baked we do that at no extra charge.
Let us know what rez and file format you need and it will be done
We will ship your DVD's back to you or if you prefer, post the files on our high speed FTP site.  Once you have received your files, we will return ship your masters. Our price includes any special noise reduciton & re-configuratin and return shipping.
Questions? Give Us A Call:

Tape Transfer Services


We also can transfer Digital tapes: DATS, DA-88

Got cassettes or old records that need to be transferred to CD? 
We can do the job for you.

We have three sevices -

bullet1:1 Straight Transfer - transfers the contents of any cassette to digital audio which you can play on any MP3 Player. The service includes a CD copy of the contents of your original media with no edits.  Meaning that the CD will play just like a cassette and you'll be able fast forward and rewind just like you did on an old cassette.
bulletEdited Transfer -  We edit the original material so that your CD which has selectable tracks.  Handy if you want to move through material quickly.  This CD is just like any commercial CD in that there are numbered Tracks which are easily selectable for playback.
bulletEdited with Noise Reduction and Restoration  - We process the material to reduce noise, and eliminate  pops, pings etc.

# of original media items to be Edited and noise reduced Rate $250

How Many?