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What Happens at slot one during a thunder storm that knocks out the main electrical power to the town?  We keep on recording that's what.  Here is an eye witness account:

Sunday, June 14, 2009 11:00 AM


I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for having the foresight to equip Slot One with a UPS backup system. Over the years we have talked about the worse case scenario and even made jokes about it but I'll be dammed,  I never thought it would happen in the middle of one of my sessions.

Let me paint the picture for your regular and potential costumers. There were a couple sax parts in the current material Drivetime has been recording over the last three months for our upcoming CD "Reflections" and our dead line for mixing & mastering is this coming Tuesday because our release party is set for July 9th 2009. Saturday was the absolute last opportunity to fix these problems so we could finish and get it out for duplication in time for the party. Not to mention all the press releases' and marketing that's been done for this event, talk about being under pressure, it was absolutely imperative that the session be completed. Right in the middle of the repairs a big thunder storm blows in and boom the power went out. I thought to myself "that figures, I'm screwed" but all essential lights stayed on!  The board and computer didn't even flinch, stable as a rock.  We were able to
work for almost 2 hours, finish what had to be done, save the changes and start packing up before the UPS finally ran out of juice.   Rick also has a tri fuel stand by generator ready to go at all times. But when we left we completed all the changes we needed, feeling quite secure..... and definitely not in the dark.

Rick you are the man and Slot One is a safe environment when it really counts.  My hats off to you my friend for your experience and state of the art studio. Drivetime will now be able to meet its deadline and obligations thanks to you.

Thanks my brother
Bernie Capodici / Drivetime



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